Turn your customers and fans into digital brand ambassadors

Bare Tree Media helps brands reach, engage and monetize their fans through unique marketing and distribution solutions. Our global distribution network offers brands reach to over 3 billion users boosting brand engagement and new revenue opportunities.

Our Digital Branding Approach


We partner with brands and advertisers to extend their reach into innovative and explosive digital categories. Some of the world’s largest brands trust and partner with Bare Tree Media. 

Digital Product Categories

We create and distribute branded digital solutions such as emoji keyboards, mobile emoticons and stickers, virtual goods, digital themes and screensavers, photo apps, and branded email.

Digital Distribution

We distribute branded content throughout our network of global digital distribution partnerships offering brands reach to over 3 billion online and mobile users.

Marketing & Revenue Opportunities

Brands and advertisers have their choice of our ad-based model for promotions or our retail model for expanded revenue opportunities.

The innovative team at Bare Tree Media offers unique insight, expertise and relationships within the digital category.

Madelyn Ferris

VP Of Marketing, PAWS, Inc.

Our Digital Channel Network

Our network of global distribution platforms reaches over 3 billion users with new channels joining our network monthly. Partner with Bare Tree Media and leverage the market reach we can offer your brand.

The list below is just a sample of our network, reach out to us directly for a full list.

BTM Channel Partners: Kakao Talk, KIK, Viber, WeChat, and more

Our Brand Partners



















Empire Emojis

FOX Entertainment chose Bare Tree Media to drive fan egagement behind the Empire TV series. Fans can now text Empire emojis and emoticons via their smartphones.

KISS Photobomb

Bare Tree Media teamed up with legendary rock band KISS to create the ultimate app for KISS fans. With this app you can add KISS make-up, tongues and effects to all your photos!

Doodle Jump Emoticons

Bare Tree Media was proud to partner with the hit mobile game Doodle Jump to bring their iconic characters to mobile messaging with a branded emoticon pack. Everyone has played Doodle Jump, and through Bare Tree Media people can now share their favorite Doodle!

Garfield Email

Email just got some more Catitude! Bare Tree Media recently launched a Garfield-approved Email service where fans can choose from a variety of personalized emails related to Garfield, such as bob@IHateMondays.net, jim@ILiveforWeekends.net, etc.

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